Corporate Solutions Consultants

We provide transformational solutions to help business transform their business vigorously and execute their business seamlessly.

Business Transformation

  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Call Handling
  • Strategy Development
  • Operating Model Design
  • Organization Design
  • Cost Optimization
  • Business Process Optimization
  • IT Enablement
  • Change Management
  • PMO Services

Management Consultancy

  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Project Administration
  • Contracts & Proposals
  • Communication Planning

Organization Development

  1. Employee Assessment
    • Cognitive Assessment
    • Management Assessment
    • Technical Assessments
    • Behavioural and Cultural Fit Assessment
  2. Organization Reviews
    • Organization and Grading Structure
    • Job Mapping and Description
    • Job Evaluation
  3. Compensation and Benefits Reviews
    • Market Benchmarking
    • Salary Banding
    • Benefits Structure

Our Other Services

  • Workforce Connexion

    Manpower Outsourcing

    Provision of Manpower, including Visa/Payroll Services and Full Recruitment – from Blue Collar to Executive Management.
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  • Integrated Business Centre

    Shared Services

    Contact Centre & Legal
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  • Multiserve Typing Centre

    PRO & Typing Services

    HR, Legal, PRO & Typing Services including Government Relations.
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